The 917 Le Mans eTeam

An eTeam created for like minded fans of Le Mans and the iconic Porsche 917. The opportunity to experience what it might have been like back in the day to drive a 917 at Le Mans using VR and pro simulators.  

The 917 Le Mans eTeam is designed to experience using VR and pro simulators driving a 917 at Le Mans...


Drive Club eTeam

Your chance to feel what it might have been like to drive the Porsche 917 at Le Mans with our pro simulators and VR events in a totally immersive experience.

917 Club Memberships

Offering memberships to fans of the 917 and Le Mans to include multiple simulator experiences, related events and an opportunity to meet past heroes.

Ultimate Trackday

This will be the ultimate drive experience to get behind the wheel of a recreation 917 specifically built for trackday experiences - Coming soon.

Delaney Trophy

Fastest Lap of Le Mans in the Porsche 917

The Delaney Trophy will be awarded to the fastest eTeam member for a lap of the Le Mans circuit in the Porsche 917.

J'suis en Pilote... 

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Based in the UK