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#Project 917

Any petrolhead will know about the legend that is the Porsche 917 either due to the famous race victories or as the starring role in Steve McQueen's 1970 movie, Le Mans.

Who hasn't wanted to be Michael Delaney chasing down Erich Stahler's Ferrari 512!

Our passion for this car is not only its success and place in history but also we believe the 917 is one of the most powerfully beautiful cars ever made and we want to build one!

We plan to build a recreation 917 as part of a special engineering initiative and when built, invite fans to drive the car at very special track events.

At the heart of the future of Project 917 is a uniquely experienced team dedicated to not only build trackday specials, but also to build contemporary road legal evolutions of the 917.
Project 917 will be a socially connected initiative complementing our passion to also find and nurture the careers of young engineering entrepreneurs as well as providing unique driving experience events for fans and enthusiasts of the 917.

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Project 917 - Game Plan 

917 SIM Build

Firstly we plan to build a unique Full Motion 917 Simulator based upon a 917 cabin and using rFactor software for an unforgettable 917 experience.
917 Track & Road Car

We plan to build trackday 917 cars for a real life experience and offer fans and enthusiasts the opportunity to drive a professionally built modern variant of the original cars.
917 Contemporary road version

The future of the project is to build road going modern contemporary versions of the 917 using artisan skills as well as leading edge technologies to create 21st century 917.

Here is some more detail on our goal & vision ...

Meet Project 917 
team member

Ian Howe

Self confessed Le Mans and car nut. Thrilled to be part of this project and to work with some of the best guys in the business and will be developing the #917experience events.

team member

Chris Beatty

Design and animation consultant with a passion for all things motorsport related. Creator of the Velocity RPB-01 racing car concept and design consultant to one of the worlds premier racing series.

team member

Neil Yates

Niche car supremo, heads up Rally Prep who prepare the works Toyota GT86 program as well as Javan Sportscars, consultant to the very best of British car manufacturers and skills developer.

Welcome to the Project 917 Full Motion 917 Simulator an opportunity to drive the 1970 Le Mans circuit...


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Based in the UK